Shipping & Handling

Shipping & Handling

Shipping Methods

We provide 2 different shipping methods for our customers.


Standard Shipping:

This is our fastest shipping method, sending the products by plane straight to your country. If you choose this method, expect the item to arrive at your shipping address within 1 to 3 weeks of shipment.


Economy Shipping:

We also have a budget-friendly option available. If you choose Economy shipping, expect the product to arrive in your country by sea freight within 1 to 3 months. While it may take a while to arrive, one benefit of this shipping method is that we can cover customs taxes. Please note that not every country has Economy Shipping available to them.

Orders and Shipment


When a pre-order product reaches the final stages of production, you'll get an email from us notifying you that the product is finished and will ship soon! At this time, a shipping address notification will be sent to your account. Please make sure to confirm this before proceeding. Once the final payment has been processed, we’ll finalize the shipment preparation process, then the statue will be on the way.


*Some of our statues might take a little more time than originally estimated. In this case, please be patient. We will send a notification if there is a production delay.



Once the product has shipped, we will also send you the tracking number for the order. Please be aware that for Economy shipping, while the shipping label may be created, it will not be active until the package arrives in your country. It may take a while to arrive, but we will ship the statue to you as quickly and safely as possible.


Delivery and Customs:

Once the product arrives in your country, a carrier will be designated by customs and may contact you for customs clearance. If the required information is not provided for customs clearance or the delivery of a package is refused, you will be responsible for the return shipping of the package, so that’s the shipping fee times two. Please make sure you contact your carrier and work out a date and time that works best for you.